Nearly time to go

 In Auckland

Like all good things, that come to an end, it is time to go home.  I have to say it is going to be tough.  Not only the journey, but also saying goodbye to the sun and all of the things that NZ has to offer.  Tonight we decided to go out on a high.  We booked into Orbit; the 360° rotating restaurant in Sky Tower for dinner. Having been out sailing in the harbour we needed to shower, change and get to Sky Tower by 1915.  By the time we walked there, we were hot again.

We got out tickets and proceeded up to the 51 floor which was the viewing platform for a few minutes before we went to the restaurant.  The view was amazing!!

In the restaurant, we sat and looked over the city as slowly rotated and watched the sun go down. The food was excellent!  We then headed up to the very highest point of the tower for a final look before heading back to the apartment; tired, but happy with the events of the day. Tomorrow, we leave 🙁

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