Today we leave

 In Auckland

So this morning we were up early.  Loads to do before heading off.  We had to clean the apartment and pack etc. Cameron went back down to the boat to meet up with Cormac and play until it was time to leave.  I ended up down helping the guys to install a new hard drive on the main computer system. Michael, the owner of the apartment, turned up with a box of chocolates as we had been deemed his favourite guests so far (!) and to say good bye which was nice. We donated the chocolates to the crew of the boat as we couldn’t really take them with us. Keys handed over and after saying our goodbyes we were on our way by 1230.

We had booked tickets for Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium on the way to the airport to kill time before the flight which wasn’t until 2115.

Arriving at the Aquarium we first took the behind the scenes tour which I found great. Mainly on the scale of everything compared to a home aquarium. They pump approx 5 million gallons of seawater an hour from 5kms out in the bay.

We saw the quarantine tanks, breeding tanks for the Spiney Dragon Fish which are now in their fourth generation of the program and of the Moon Jellyfish.

Then after a sandwich we took in the Aquarium properly.  There was a complete replica of the Antarctic base camp from Scotts time there and films about the events that took place there. We visited the penguins up close and then it was on to the reef tanks and Shark and Ray tunnels. These were my favourites. All too soon, we got to the end!

Next stop was a refuel of the car before handing it back. We had been collecting points from a fuel saving card from when we arrived and on our last fill saved over $30. A nice surprise.

Back to the hire car terminal and hand over. This was done in about 30 seconds. Then by courtesy coach to the departure terminal for check in. It all went very easily and suddenly we found ourselves in a plane ready to go home!

So that’s it! Our adventure is over – for now.

We hpoe you enjoyed taking the journey with us.

Until the next time. New Zealand, we’ll be back. Soon.

John, Joanne and Cameron 

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