Transport and Technology

 In Auckland

So this morning had a bit of a slow start. I had some emails to answer and then a call from the States. Then, a bite of lunch in the apartment whilst boat spotting and out to the Museum of Transport and Technology. If you are ever in Auckland go!! BTW, picture 8 is of the ‘Arctic P’ the 50th largest super yacht in the world owned by a casino ing from Australia called James Packer.  She’s in for a $50M refit before he gives it to his sister and takes deliver of his 120mtr yacht.  Arctic P is only 87 mtrs and is an ex ice breaker. Back to the Museum. Its really good. The first part is all about social history and technology. Cameron got his 15 minutes of fame, by having his picture up on the big screen.  Some of his antics were hilarious!  See the photos.  He also got to play some of the arcade games from when I was a child.  Not very impressed though the graphics were better than Minecraft.

Then it was on to the old tram and up to the Aviation Museum. On entering, my jaw dropped!! I was staring down or rather up the nose of two 50 calibre machine guns attached to the front of a Lancaster bomber. I didn’t realise how huge these where! I’d seen one flying over Portrush once, but up close they’re massive.

Recovering from that, the next thing was a Short Sunderland Flying boat. I’d seen plenty in photos around Lough Erne, but never in the flesh. Fantastic experience to see one up close! Never ever thought I would.

This evening, Joanne wanted to take a trip down memory lane and find the backpackers hostel that she and Katie stayed in when last here.  It was a hot evening as we set off.  OH MY GOODNESS! Memory lane?  K2 more like.  The water was running off us by the time we reached it. We could have done with being roped together it was that steep!

We found it and took photos and then headed back via Sky Tower (See photos).  While there we took the opportunity to book a table in orbit, the 360 rotating restaurant for our last night..  More to come on that.  Tomorrow is the zoo!

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