Bye bye London

 In London

We landed in Gatwick at 4.35pm and were ushered into a waiting bus. It was cold outside and I began to slightly doubt the summer clothing choices that were so carefully packed into our three backpacks that I hoped would be waiting for us in arrivals.

Straight through security and out of the terminal building. We were booked into the Premier Inn North Terminal, so within three minutes we were taking the lift to the second floor to check in. Within five minutes, we were heading for our room 538.

It was small, clean but best of all were the very comfortable beds. The restaurant was heaving with people and we had to wait an hour for a table, but the food was surprisingly excellent. Back to the room, Cameron had decided that sleep was not on the agenda, rather plane and train spotting from our window was required. So every 90 seconds he was up. Every 90 seconds for about 90 minutes, until I threatened that I would make him sleep in the bath (without water of course…)

The next morning after breakfast we heading into Crawley to kill some time before our evening flight. Yup, Crawley. Back to Gatwick, we were about 10th in the check in queue and said goodbye to our backpacks. Through security quickly, we then began the three hour wait for our flight. With an hour to go, we headed for the gate. Delighted to avoid the large queue of people, we were led into a separate waiting area for families and were then in the first handful of people onboard.

Our blankets, pillows and headphones were waiting on our seats and we settled into our seven hour flight to Dubai.

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